How to create a Facebook ad in 2020

We all know how important it is to be ahead in business especially if you are new or probably want to grow your business by bringing in more sales or clients. Despite being in the tough competition, you can beat the odds, if you run your advertisement campaign in an appropriate manner using Facebook ads Manager. This is one of the ideal platforms where you can grow your business and get recognized even if the business is newly introduced to the market. There are physical shops also available however people prefer to shop online these days be it services or a product in order to save time and some time, they get a discount too if there is a sale running online.

Now that we live in the digital world, people generally flock to social media sites like Facebook where there are friends and other people who may become their friends in the near future Hence there is a 100% possibility for the sales to shoot up on such a platform where people gather online to communicate with each other.

Facebook is the best social media platform where you can purchase things easily as we spent more time on socializing, chatting, scrolling feeds, using various apps or play games so let us learn to create Facebook Ads stepwise for business.

Step 1

In order to create an ad, Login to the account where you have created a Facebook Page for the promotion of a product or service. In this example, we have a Facebook page created by the name of XYZ Travels at the top right corner under Your pages.

How to create a Facebook ad in 2020

Step 2

Once the Facebook page is open then click on Ad center on the left side of the page or you can also click on Visit Ad center  Or Promote.

How to create a Facebook ad in 2020

Step 3

After the second step, click on Create Ad highlighted in Blue color on the left side of the page.

How to create a Facebook ad in 2020

Step 4

After clicking on Create Ad,  the below interface will be visible with the options to Select. You can choose the desired option to promote. Since in this example, we are choosing to promote our XYZ Travels in order to get more leads for signing up so as to make a list of the prospective customers so here, option Get more Leads is chosen. 

You can select your desired option as the business needs differ as per the desired objective.

How to create a Facebook ad in 2020

Step 5

The next step is to create a form on the Ad page through which customers will enter their details that will shoot to the owner from the FB page with an inquiry. Plus, Privacy Policy can also be added by adding URL of the Policy linked to the website at the end of the Ad form.

How to create a Facebook ad in 2020

Soon after clicking on the Save form, the next form will pop up on the screen in which you can change the image of your page, add text, and then select Call Action from the drill-down menu appropriately. 

Scroll down more, you will need to choose an audience from the targeted demography like, which country are you targeting to reach out and then select budget according to the number of days, you would want the ad to run on Facebook. The total amount will appear at the end of the ad page. Once entered all details correctly, click on Promote.

If you have already entered payment details then your ad will be submitted for review to check if it meets with the guidelines of FB. If not, then you will be asked to add the mode of payment and then the ad will be submitted. Once it is approved then your ad will go live on the same day.

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