How to create a Facebook page for Business in 2020

It is quite obvious that we use Facebook ever since we know about it, whether to check photos or probably to just have a look at the status of friends or search for someone or a brand page. 

Nowadays, the reach of this social networking site has become so organic and rich that every brand wants to collaborate with FB without any second thought but do we know how to create a Business Facebook page, let's learn in this blog. Learn from here the simple steps 

These days, people of similar interests have their own page and in the same manner, even companies use this medium to keep their buyers and the potential audience engaged with their page updates to sustain their interest so let us learn how to create a Facebook page in just 5 simple steps.

In order to create a Facebook page for business, follow the below steps:-

Step 1

First, log in to FB account and then click on "Pages" which is on the left down corner side of the site under Explore 

If you have a business FB account then you can use that also to create your business page.

Step 2

After the first step. Click on "Create Page" highlighted in green color at the top right side of the website. Please see the image below. 

You can use this feature of FB for education purposes also if you want your students to connect with your online or offline academy then this is the best way. 

How to create a Facebook page for Business in 2020

Step 3

Once you click on Create Page, you will see the below interface. 

You can either create a page for your business or a brand as mentioned on the left side. If you are a well-known influencer/ Public figure Or a community representative who wants to create a Community page to reach out to the people then click on the right side. In this illustration, we will create a Business page.

How to create a Facebook page for Business in 2020

Step 4

Steps to Creating a Facebook page for a business

In this illustration, we will create a business page of XYZ Travels and select the field of business under "Category" and click Continue.

How to create a Facebook page for Business in 2020

Step 5

Business Facebook Page is Created Successfully

After clicking on Continue, you will see your Business page created successfully. You can add a cover picture and Display image to grab the attention of the audience informing them that your business has now even had a FB page and this is how you can reach out to the people and keep them updated about your business. 

How to create a Facebook page for Business in 2020

 Do make sure that you read terms and conditions properly as this will help you to understand about Facebook guidelines for posting content and the reasons for violation. 

You can post updates on your page and allow or disallow your audience whether they can post on your wall or not. This is the perfect way to reach out to masses for any update or launch in order to grow your business effectively.

You can even manage your page by clicking on down arrow on the top right corner of the Facebookpage > Your pages interface will open> You can view the number of pages that is created

How to Add a Service to your business Facebook page

1) Login to your Facebook page 
2) Click on the Page on the top left corner 
3) Locate Services on the left side below your Page name and home
4) Click on Services 
5) Click on Add a service> Form will open
6) Enter the service name 
7) Enter the price 
8) Enter the description(Optional)
9) You can enter the timing if the page is about an office or a shopping store.
10) Include an image if you have
11) Click on Save 

The main motive of creating business pages on Facebook is to reach out to the maximum audience in order to fulfill the purpose be it branding, promoting, marketing etc. 

You can create as many pages as you want and even promote the page through Facebook ads to generate more leads and drive a good amount of traffic to the website for conversion. This is a very simple strategy for any business to grow on the digital platform.