Steps to delete Facebook Account permanently 2020

Facebook account deletion may well be for various reasons and if you have completely made up your mind to take your profile faraway from FB servers then deletion is an option but what percentage of folks still do not know the steps delete Facebook account permanently. 

So, allow us to learn the way to delete Facebook account permanently, we'll learn during this blog so let's start. How to delete a Facebook Account permanently in 2020.

In this blog, you may get complete guidance on the way to perform deletion by following the three simple steps mentioned below:- 

Step 1 

First login to your Facebook account and click on "Settings" which is on the highest right corner down arrow-like small symbol in black color.

Step 2 

After the primary step, you'll see the below interface. Select "Your Facebook Information" and click on, "Deactivation and Deletion" 

How to delete Facebook Account permanently

Step 3 

In this step, the selection is totally yours, you'll either Delete your Facebook account permanently or Deactivate your account temporarily. you'll click on either option and perform the action per your choice. 

Deactivating and Deletion are 2 different steps so don't mistake both with the identical thing. 

How to delete Facebook Account permanently

Deletion is after you want your profile to be deleted from FB files completely and there's no recovery of account whereas deactivation is something that you just would want the profile to be hidden or deactivated for a few times. 

In the Deactivation process, you chose to stay your profile hidden a few times, and whenever you would like to return then you'll be able to reactivate as per your choice.

Facebook has some greatest features and one could hardly think of deleting the data completely so it is recommended to avoid deleting, instead consider deactivating the account for a while and come back with more energy to deal with online connections.

Facebook is a powerful source to connect with business and people who are far across the world so it is always a good practice to take a break from social media and return with more power and courage to entertain ourselves with social media again.

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