How to change Facebook Page name Stepwise in 2020

If you have ever created a Facebook page at the start which is termed something else and now found that your brand or business encompasses a wider reach that's demanding you to alter the name then you want to consider changing it on FB page likewise. 

During this blog, you'll find the stepwise guide on the way to change Facebook page name. Facebook page has always been an exquisite option to reach bent your audience as we all know most of the people spend time on FB to love pictures, status, and to knows the whereabouts of friends. 

This can be an incredible platform to own fun watching videos, images, and other media that's shared online among people. Facebook name may be changed as persistently as you wish but it's good to tell your friends or your audience related to that page and then FB features a solution thereto. 

Whenever you'll change your FB page then it'll notify your audience a bit like you get notification of any status and your friends will comprehend it. Isn't it amazing? so allow us to begin to understand the method of fixing the name of the Facebook page.

Below are the steps to alter the name of Facebook page

In the below image, my page is about Food and cooking so i need to alter its name from In Love with Cooking Food to Recipe World.

1. First, log in to your Facebook account and access your page as seen within the below image. 
2. Locate "About" which is on the left side below FB page icon. 

3. Click on Edit opposite to page name
4. A new interface will open where you'll be able to edit the Page name and click on on Continue

5) After clicking on Continue. Select Request for Change and you may see the below small window confirming your request.

6)  Click on Ok. Ensure your Facebook Page name matches with what your page is about. 

In my case, it was about Recipes so the request is approved and now it is changed To Recipe World which can be seen below the Facebook page image.

In this way, the page name is updated and by following the above steps you too, can update your Facebook page name.

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