How to create Facebook ads Stepwise (2020)

Facebook is one of the best choices among the platforms that are used for advertising. It generates a good amount of revenue when it comes to business. This platform does wonders if it is put to use in an appropriate way to promote business. In this guide, you will learn How to create Facebook ads with the help of  ads manager

Facebook drives potential traffic to the site that can help you with the goal that you wish to achieve with the help of Facebook ads. This platform has over billions of users and over millions use this social site to reach the business goals.  

This site has some unique features that understand business goals whether you want to drive potential traffic to your website, convert a user into the potential prospect, lead generation, and many more Thus it is not just a social networking site but can also be used for advertising and prospecting.

Steps for creating Facebook ads

  1. Login to Facebook account
  2. Click on Create at the top right side of the Facebook page
  3. Select Ad from drop-down 
  4. You will be directed to the page.
  5. Enter the Campaign name. You can set a name according to your preference
  6. Click Next 

Next interface will open of Facebook for ads

  1. Set Ad name 
  2. Scroll down and set the budget 
  3. Select the start date and end date (If you want the ad to run always then deselect End date)
  4. Select Audience > Locations> Age group> click on the Save the Audience
  5. Placements> Select Automatic Placement
  6. Click Next

Steps for Setting up Facebook ads basic

  1. Enter the Ad name 
  2. Select the Identity to which your website is linked (Select the Facebook page that you created for promoting your Facebook ad) from the drop-down.
  3. Link the Instagram account that you linked with your page.
  4. Select Ad setup 
  5. Choose Format from the options in the drop-down
  6. Under Media. You can add an image or a video to your Facebook ad to appear in your ad template
  7. Enter the Website URL 
  8. Enter the display link that you wish to show to your audience(Optional)
  9. Enter Call to Action. In this demo ad, selected Learn More in order to drive traffic
  10. Select the Language to reach people 
  11. You can select the review the Ad by clicking on Review 
  12. Click on Publish.

Under Preview mode, you can select the Facebook image size and template 

Note:- You need to update the payment method for publishing the Facebook Ads.

Steps to setup Payment for creating Facebook Ads

  1. Click on six dots in a square shape on the left side of the Ad Campaign 
  2. Select Billing
  3. Click on Payment settings 
  4. Next click on Settle Account
  5. Enter Credit/Debit Card details and click on Continue 
  6. Under manage >You can manage the threshold of amount for your ads spent.

You can successfully create Facebook business page and promote your website for business through it You can even manage ads through Facebook Ads manager. 

All your ads will appear under the manager under which you can easily manage its payment threshold, update payment details, delete or deactivate the ad, etc.


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