Tips for better User Experience on Blogger

As a beginner, when we begin our blogging career and make sites by inputting information of anything that we are proficient in, then we realize, how important it is to boost our posts and their uniqueness. During this blog post, I will share my secrets Tips for better User experience on Blogger.

In Blogger, we all know that it is brought to us for free by Google. We all are availing of this service free and even earning from it. Some prefer paid hosting and domain but from Google, it is free for us, however, in both cases, we know that 'Content is King'. 

When we know the importance of our writing and the information that we deliver is unique then you need not worry about plagiarism however you can simply check in the online available free tool such as Grammarly detector for the same.

In this post, I will explain and give you my recommended tips for better user experience, if you are using a blogger by Google. I myself have used it and still continuing because I had come across many policy issues after applying for Adsense and then only, I realized how improper the things were when my site ran into policy violation issues in the beginning.

Tips for better User Experience on Blogger

Tips for better User Experience on Blogger site

1. Ensure your Website page Loads faster both on desktop and mobile

This is the most important factor for your site to have. If your site loads slowly then the person might go to another site to search for what he is looking for. No matter how well you have written your content and how appealing it may be, but everything fails if the site doesn't have a proper theme that loads faster.

Generally, around 90% of the users like to view the content on devices that are handy such as tablets and mobiles so it is very important for you to have a low weight theme in which your posts load faster in all the possible devices. Not only, your site must open fast but also, it should be compatible with all the devices. 

2.Images that match your content

Well, this is a key thing that helps your user to keep engaged with the content you wrote. If you are writing about a place, animal, or thing then it might definitely have an image to display so you can choose your images wisely in order to make your content relatable and engageable.

Images attract the user and it makes the user experience interesting as your user will definitely understand that you are trying to explain the reader of something through illustration or a set of images. It builds trust and satisfies the reader so that they stay longer on your page.

3. Employ a clear structure of content

Well, we all know how to write content but how much percentage of beginners already know the writing style of a blog post. Despite having so many tutorials online available, new bloggers tend to write a blog post and commit a mistake such as plagiarism, improper formatting, non-copyrighted images, etc Thus not meeting the standard of an ideal blog.

You need to understand what exactly you are trying to give to the user. You must study the following:-

  1. Who are your readers?
  2. What information do the readers will see on your site?
  3. Will your content meets their needs?
  4. What exactly, you would want from your user to keep them stay long?

The above questions are very important and should be kept in check while writing the post that you will deliver to your readers. Users will surely search for a query on search engine and ultimately land on your page if the post that you wrote is matching with your unique content then it will likely to rank on the search engines.

So, hope this blog post will surely help you in maintaining the above points mentioned and make your user experience satisfying that will ultimately make them stay with you for long.



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