How to Add Contact Form on Blogger Page 2020

Things are really difficult after you just begin to put in writing your blog and so are your coding or widgets that are necessary to be added but seems difficult as you only started off.  

Similarly, you're finding it difficult to feature a brand new widget to your blog on Blogger. during this blog, you may find out how to add Contact form on Blogger page.

As you recognize, the blogger keeps on updating its feature to enable the user to feature and use new widgets and features for writing an impactful and awesome blog, However, it becomes challenging once you keep it up searching the identical thing which has now upgraded.

How to Add Contact Form on Blogger Page 2020

Blogger doesn't have plugins to enable the user to feature new features or widgets to its page for smooth writing.

If you're good at coding then blogger may be an excellent platform for blogging and editing codes on the theme to enable it user friendly for users to go looking for information and even more.

There are other ways to Add Contact Us Form on Blogger such as copy/pasting HTML/Javascript code if you know to code but if you are a beginner then this guide will be very beneficial for you.

You can use one of the following methods to Add Contact Form on your blogger page

1. Use the Blogger Form only (Recommended)

Follow the below steps to embed the blogger form only on your blogger page.

  1.  Go to Layout and Select Add a Gadget> Choose Contact Form
  2.  Click on a + Sign and enable the form
  3.  Skip the above step if you have contact form already enabled on your blog.
  4. Go to View Blog and click on it
  5. After opening your blog, right-click from your mouse and select View page source  

       6. On view page source code page. Press Control +F to search contact form code
       7. Select the code exactly as mentioned in the below image

                  How to Add Contact Form on Blogger Page 2020

     7. Create a page of Contact us on your blogger and paste the entire code on HTML mode
     8. Select on update

Link the Contact us form page on the menu bar from the layout section and your work is accomplished successfully.

2. Add a Google Form to your blogger site

  1. Open your
  2. Open your Google Drive from the highest right corner of the page Click on new.
  3. Select Google Spreadsheets and save the sheet name as Contact us
  4. Click on Tools from the menu bar and choose Create a Form
  5. Enter the desired fields for your users to enter to contact you on the Form.
  6. Save the Form and click on "Send Form"
  7. Select <> to embed the Google form in your Contact us Page within the blogger.
  8. Copy the code and move to your blogger.
  9. Open your contact us Page and paste the code in HTML mode (You can increase or decrease the height and width of your form as per choice)

 Contact us page is very important for creating a user database and also to look very professional in the eyes of search engines. 

Anyone can connect with you and share thoughts about the content you wrote and ensure you add a contact us page and make it mandatory in your list before publishing your site to search engines.

I hope, now you can create a simple yet professional looking contact us Form page with the help of the above-mentioned steps without using any difficult third-party tool.

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