How to monetize Facebook page

 Well, monetization is a trending topic ever since pandemic broke out. We all are searching for some or the other sources to improve our earning and gain more from the work that we do. During this article, you will learn an exciting way on how to monetize Facebook page.

Do you spend most of your time to like other's pictures on Facebook? If yes, then this post is going to be an awesome treat for your eyes. You may be lately thinking about how to find appropriate ways to earn that extra income from your writing or whatever creativity you do, so let us learn more in this post.

Photos and images are the pleasure for every visitor that is what the Facebook page is all about. You may have a page for your business, brands, fan page, any Community page, etc to promote your content. If you have content then definitely, you have people connected to see your updates that you generally share with your audience. 

Facebook page has every possible tool to monetize your content if your page has a good reach among the visitors, engagement, and views. You may be using Facebook just to like others' content but if you have your own page then FB also has its own feature to monetize your content like other platforms.

Let us learn how to monetize Facebook page stepwise.

  1. Login to your FB page
  2. Click on Publishing Tools tab
  3. Click on Creator studio under Tools on the left side of the page
  4. On the new tab, click on Monetization to see the eligibility of your page for monetization.

Eligibility required for Facebook page monetization

For In-Stream Ads, you will need the following on your page.

  1. Minimum of 10,000 followers required 
  2. 1 min views on 3 mins video. In the last 60 days, you will need 30000 1 mins views on the videos that are at least 3 mins long in order to meet this requirement, you will need to make engaging content for your connected audience.

You can also earn from paid partnerships with brands that wish to collaborate for sharing content on your page and its connected audience. For this, you will need to fulfil the same above mentioned criteria.

I hope you have understood about how to monetize your Facebook page in details so start working on your page by posting engaging content that helps your audience.



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